Advisory Board

Serial Entrepreneur

Ricky Neumann

Ricky  Neumann is  a serial entrepreneur in all areas of his life both in Business and his passion for Jewish continuity.  His company, Intertrading Australia is a family owned and operated importer and distributor of quality FMCG and Household. Ricky has  a passion for starting and building multiple companies simultaneously. His true passion lies in his desire to help build the Jewish community and ensure that young students have the opportunity to engage with community. the issue facing our community around assimilation is at the forefront of  Ricky;s mind and as a result he has put countless hours in guiding Ohrsom and helping us to develop solid and honest business practices.  

Community Builder

Milton Levin

Milton Levin is a true community builder in heart and action. Originally South African – he started Milton Dales which built over 200 luxury homes , multi unit complexes and commercial buildings  in Johannesburg from 1979-2000. He emigrated to Australia in early 2000 where he now develops and owns various commercial sites in the CBD. Milton devotes countless hours and thought into building sustainable solutions for the issues facing the Jewish Community. Ohrsom’s very existence in Australia is a testament to his vision. Together with his wife Ilsa they have started many successful Jewish initiatives to list a few: Ohr Yisroel, the building of Central Shul, running of Beit Halevi, ORA Concerts which bring international Chazzonim to Melbourne together  with Toorak Shul. 

Audited Financial Statements

Open  and transparent Governance is a core focus of Ohrsom. We are teaching students about Jewish values such as honesty and integrity. The only way these messages can be integrated is if the people teaching them lead by example. As such we are happy to share our Audited Financial Statements with you. If you would like a copy please email​  Evan Widmonte:

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