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Chag In A Box or as Aussies say it “Hug” In a Box. Our vision is simple – we want to ensure that any family that is struggling to put food on the table for the Chagim gets a genuine “Hug”. Our packages are filled with all the ingredients a family would need to make the Chagim special, from meat, chicken, matzah, wine, fruit, veggies – it’s all there!! Our unique sauce? It’s our volunteers! Uni Aged Students and Young Professionals from the Jewish community. We are engaging this age group to come out on mass, help us pack, help us deliver and learn to enjoy being a part of doing good things for others and the joy that comes with it. Doing Chesed is catchy, being good is catchy, being better is even catchier. At our core we seek to combine real assistance for people in the community that really need it, to be packed and delivered by the young people who are the future of our community.


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