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"Ohrsom has provided me with countless opportunities to participate in thought-provoking discussions, festive events and activities, delivering a perfect medium between intellectual engagement and fun.
They transcend the classic dynamic of a community and are more like a family. it always gives but rarely asks to receive, and I truly believe Ohrsom has profoundly impacted my life and the lives of many others."
Emmanuel Velakoulis
Ohrsom Student 2018-2023


Ohrsom Student (Ohrsom) is devoted to building personal enrichment and communal belonging in the lives of young Jewish Australians through Torah-based learning and experiences.


We empower students with the tools to embrace their Jewish values and successfully integrate them into their world on a day to day basis. Offering contemporary leadership, international travel and student centres within Melbourne and Sydney, we create and provide students with personal and meaningful experiences which fuel continuity and promote a higher, meaningful living.


“For me ohrsom was an incredible, one off social experience which was further enriched by some challenging, and fascinating speakers. Being in a brand new social environment, mixed with awesome and fun activities is the perfect recipe for an incredible social journey. I was definitely impressed with the high calibre speakers who were engaging and thought provoking.”

Ben De Winter

“Ohrsom has provided me with the space to grow and develop not only as a Jewish woman, but as a person within the world. Ohrsom gave me the opportunity to learn at Neve Yerushaliyim allowing me to question and develop my Judaism in a safe and nurturing environment. I am eternally grateful to Ohrsom for what it has provided me.”

Meg Gorley​

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“The most valuable asset that I’ve taken with me over the past 3 years at Ohrsom is a primary focus on growth”

Jacob Steinberg

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“It was my first time going to Israel and I can’t think of a better way to spend that experience… they were just really accepting of who we were”

Hudson Levine


Ohrsom offers a variety of experiences and ongoing events for uni students. Ranging from weekend trips around Australia to a full on 9 month program in Israel. Highly subsidised, adventure driven and thought provoking, whichever you choose, it’s going to be OHRSOM (AWESOME)


A nine-month program for post high school students, based in Israel with a significant world travel component. Designed to empower participants with real life skills and seminal Jewish experiences to carry with them into adulthood.


A vibrant, social and uplifting 2-4 week, Israel adventure for university students. The program includes post-trip follow up sessions, cementing a sense of belonging to their local Ohrsom community and new friendship networks.


Social events, local getaways, Shabbat and Festival meals. Showcasing the relevance of Torah wisdom, broadening Jewish identity and cultivating social networks. Our activities are inclusive and diverse, providing something for everyone.


Being a non-profit organisation, our main source of funding is through donations. This enables us to offer events, authentic Torah based educational programs and trips, which are either completely free or highly subsidised (more about our trips here).

If you’d like to contribute to the continuity of your Jeiwsh communities by empowering students with tools and experiences for a more meaningful, self-actualised life, please visit our donations page.