“Learn it, Live it and Love it.”

Our world is filled with many Awesome interactions but not many OHRsom interactions. As the name says it we are all about illumination and light.

With a multifaceted approach we aim to inspire students through international trips to Israel, America and South Africa and enrich their minds with weekly interactive social and learning programs and to build a sense of community and belonging through a Student Centre. Armed with a real internal connection to Judaism students can – as clichéd as it might sound – go out and share that OHR with the world that surrounds them. Ohrsom Australia.

At the core of our organisation is a belief system that young aspiring Jewish Uni Students are interested in learning about life through the Prism of Torah knowledge. Students want to be challenged, they want to fill their minds with meaningful ideas that help them navigate the challenges of a modern world. Our trips all come with a commitment to being a part of our learning centre. Once a week coming to a  spiritual revolution where we learn and grow together over a delicious dinner and lectures that incorporate all facets of Torah knowledge from Ethics of our Fathers and other fantastic insights, Learn it, Live it and Love it.