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The Ohrsom team has grown and developed over the years since its founding. It comprises of an all star team with each member adding their uniqueness, value and wisdom, resulting in the whole being way greater than the sum of its parts.



rabbi evan widmonte

Founder and Director

Evan is a serial builder – he loves building connections, businesses and especially the Jewish future. He grew up in South Africa before moving to Israel where he got married and started his family. In 2012 Evan moved to the north shores of Sydney and in 2016 relocated to Melbourne. Since coming to Australia Evan has grown his family to seven, is a Director of Rimon Advisory, founded Ohrsom Student Australia and is involved with many community organisations that endeavour to help strengthen the Jewish community.



Blending creativity and business experience, along with a profound love for Torah. Daron learnt in Yeshivas Ohr Somayach, is a qualified sofer (Torah scribe) and has been involved in leading and organising several Jewish educational programs over the years. After 15+ years working in the corporate world (but with his head and heart devoted to Torah and the Jewish people), Daron has shifted gears to lead Ohrsom Sydney, gleaning on his experience and passion for creativity and Torah education.

cara widmonte


An eye for sophistication and detail, Cara brings a sense of refinement and cool to Ohrsom Student. With a background in marketing and business management, every event, program, dinner and trip bears her professionalism and flair and makes it a place students want to be! Originally from South Africa, Cara is a passionate educator, who has travelled the world with her family, teaching Jewish values. Her home is always bustling with guests, with her listening ear and sage insight having helped many students navigate the challenges of young adult life with intention and clarity.



Born and bred in Sydney, Jenna brings a unique blend of local energy, fostering connections and heartfelt commitment to the Sydney Jewish community. With a background in psychology and education, Jenna is passionate about building relationships and sharing her love of Judaism, as well as inspiring self awareness and personal development through the guidance of the Torah.

Rabbi Andrew Brenner

Head of student engagement - MELBOURNE

Originally hailing from Philadelphia in the US, Andrew is a visionary who is passionate about helping individuals unlock their innate greatness. With a breadth of knowledge spanning Chassidut and Kabbalah, meditation and psychology, Andrew has developed multifaceted syllabuses to promote Jewish learning and personal growth for individuals and communities. Originally hailing from Philadelphia in the US. Andrew shares personally and connects deeply with his students. He has a background in life-coaching and received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz.

Avigail Brenner

Student Engagement​

Avigail is a native New Yorker, with a life-long love and reverence for Judaism. She is an engaging educator, who illuminates challenging principles with depth and clarity. Given her BA in Psychology and vast experience in the Jewish outreach space, Avigail is constantly welcoming students for Shabbat and tending to those in need. She is a graduate of the women’s division of the Jerusalem Kollel and loves harnessing her leadership and organisational skills in advancing Ohrsom’s growth. 

rabbi menachem chanan

head of educaiton - gap year

Rabbi Channen is the WOW factor in the Ohrsom team. His lectures are challenging and inspiring, full of interactive moments and lots of laughs. He is a powerful and engaging storyteller filled with deep insights and life lessons on which to contemplate. He also has a serious knack for shmoozing! Rabbi Channen was born in Israel in Gush Etzion and has spent all of his life soaking up the wisdom of Torah. He is passionate about learning Torah and inspiring others to learn as well.

Zac Reichenberg

Head of Fundraising and Community Engagement

Meet Zac, someone who is passionate about bringing people together and empowering them to feel part of Jewish communities around the world.

From finishing school at Mount Scopus Memorial College to the frontline as a combat soldier in the Israeli Defence Force. As well as leading the Ohrsom gap year program where Zac nurtured the potential of others for two impactful years. Zac has a heart brimming with compassion and tirelessly works to ensure the Jewish community remains vibrant and united.

Rivki Boktzin

Student Engagement

Born and raised in Israel but with an Australian twist – her parents were born in Sydney. She has always grown up with the value of opening up one’s home to those who need support whether financial or emotional. Rivki is a makeup artist as well as having worked extensively with kids with special needs. She aspires to accept all people as they are but at the same time helping them to see who they could be. Jewish education and identity is her passion.

Yechiel Boktzin

Student Engagement

Originally from Jerusalem Israel, Yechiel is a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and guided imagination therapist with a wealth of Jewish wisdom. In addition to his Bachelor’s degree in Disability Education and Certificate Studies in Psychology. You could say he is overqualified for the job! Yechiel’s main hobby is listening and learning from the people around him. In addition to all and above all Yechiel brings the spirit of Am Israel, a spirit of love and unity to our people.

“Ohrsom has propelled my love for Jewish learning and inspiration. It has provided me with an opportunity to ask my burning questions, engage in meaningful conversations and meet like-minded people. I feel privileged that on Shabbat, festivals and throughout the week, I am part of a warm community that genuinely cares about each and every one of its members.

Ohrsom has allowed me to develop relationships with the most incredibly passionate mentors that are dedicated to helping students grow and connect to their Judaism.

Kayla Diamond