gap year // trips

1. gap year

The Ohrsom Gap Year Program revolutionises the gap year experience, intending for its participants to gain a meaningful and holistic year-long journey.


Our program has its base in Israel, however its reach extends far beyond its borders. Traveling abroad to countries such as India where we hike the Himalayas. A week long trip to Poland where a foucs is placed on introspection and experiential learning through visiting various sites from the Holocaust that has formed such a critical part of our Jewish History. Students also travel through Europe and the US, where they will have the chance to sky-dive, hike, visit some of the amazing wonders of the world, such as the Northern Lights, and more!

“Ohrsom has provided me a familial support system from which to draw strength, inspiration and guidance in my Judaism. Ohrsom facilitates an environment in which students are encouraged to question and delve, in order to create a connection based on understanding rather than blind acceptance.”

Riv Parij


The Gap Year Program places emphasis on three key areas: Education, Experience and Travel. Through education, students are able to gain both formal and informal fundamental Jewish values and concepts as well as career building and personal growth. Participants are challenged through internships and hands on experiences such as volunteering for Magen David Adom, while fun and adventure are also highly emphasised. From skiing to the north of Israel, scuba diving in Eilat, food tours of the famous Machana Yehuda market (shuk) in Jerusalem, participants not only get to know Israel as a country, but also get to experience a one of a kind trip while gaining valuable life tools.


We also place an emphasis on self-growth and independence, thereby providing students with an apartment in Jerusalem as their base throughout the year and since Ohrsom is an international organisation, our Gap Year participants will be spending the year with students from other countries who are also participating in the program.

This is a gap year experience like no other!

2. Ohrsom trips

We have a variety of Ohrsom trips, ranging from:


Israel 1.0 – a fun filled 2 week adventure throughout our home land, visiting Tsfat, Eilat, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and more.


Israel 2.0 – a 4 week program in Israel, with a focus on authentic Torah learning and personal development.


The Accelerator Program  a week long adventure to South Africa with an exhilarating safari experience, followed by a month long Jewish educational and Torah leadership program in Israel.
Through instilling a sense of belonging to the Jewish State, Ohrsom grants students the opportunity to autonomously opt into authentic Jewish experiences and Torah concepts, while building themselves and their values through independence, travel, adventure and friendship.

3. community events

Through participation in Ohrsom’s local programming and events, students are able to gain a sense of communal belonging and personal enrichment through a uniquely Jewish Lens.

We build local community and friendships by offering ongoing quality weekly events. These include discussion and learning groups, charitable food drives, shul services, Shabbat and festival programming and female empowerment initiatives, to name a few.

Dynamic educators offer personal mentoring, leadership, self-development and Jewish mindfulness workshops, all with the gal of helping nurture student’s personal purpose and potential, while navigating young adulthood, post the formal school environment.